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“When we look through the lenses of empathy, the world begins to look different.”



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What They’re Saying

This book is for very small children, and it is simple and easy to understand. Children often encounter bullying (on either side) at a young age, and this book extends a succinct anti-bullying lesson that will reach kids of this age. The illustrations are charming as well. Well done!

Johanna Smith

My grandkids love this book, as they transition into their first year of school it shows them what bullying can be like and what decision they choose to make

Rose S.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. Waddles is so cute! Plus the story was amazing!

Ana Lopez

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All About Dre

Get to know me!

Dre Archibald, a native of the Bay Area, California, embarked on a multifaceted journey after completing high school. Balancing full-time employment, academic pursuits, and a relocation to Arizona, Dre's formative years were shaped by her upbringing alongside two siblings, her mother, and her stepfather, whom she regarded as her true paternal figure.
Upon reaching the age of 18, Dre proactively sought out her biological father through meticulous research in public records, establishing a connection that evolved into a meaningful relationship. Collaborating on a creative venture, Dre and her father, Ed, harnessed their artistic skills to bring "Waddles" into existence, resulting in the publication of their inaugural book. Unfortunately, their aspirations were met with adversity as Ed faced a severe illness shortly after its release.
Tragedy compounded for Dre when her stepfather succumbed unexpectedly to COVID in 2021, leaving a profound void in her life. Despite grappling with these losses, Dre turned to writing as a source of solace, doubling down on her passion. Meanwhile, her biological father persists in his daily battles against health challenges, with Dre navigating a complex family dynamic that includes a total of nine siblings.
In 2018, Dre faced another challenge as her daughter was born prematurely due to severe health complications. Undeterred, Dre channels her energies into nurturing her family, maintaining a joyful marriage, and pursuing her academic goals. In her leisure time, she engages in painting, culinary pursuits, and volunteers with a non-profit dedicated to supporting NICU babies. Through her endeavors, Dre remains steadfast in her commitment to kindness, education, and the paramount task of raising her daughter.

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